Fonkoze USA

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1718 Connecticut Ave NW
Suite 201
United States

About Us

Fonkoze USA was established in 1997 as a 501(c) (3) non-profit organization and is based near Dupont Circle in Washington, DC. Fonkoze USA is dedicated to securing financial and technical support for its Haitian partners. It educates the American public about Fonkoze’s work in Haiti, facilitates technical assistance for the two Haitian entities and raises money to support Fonkoze’s programs. Fonkoze USA also acts as a channel for socially responsible investors who want to “invest” in Fonkoze’s loan fund by lending their money at subsidized interest rates. Fonkoze USA gives American donors access to tax advantages available to the fullest extent allowed, and conducts the necessary due diligence on Fonkoze’s operations. More information is available at