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About Us

Catholic Charities organizations have served Californians for over 100 years. The 12 local Agencies combined service areas cover nearly every county in the State. Catholic Charities of California provides strong leadership and administrative support to enhance the work of local Catholic Charities to deliver comprehensive, professional social services that reduce poverty, promote health and self-sufficiency, and strengthen communities. Local Catholic Charities agencies care for the whole person, family, and community, and provide customized, comprehensive services to each client to address the root causes of need and foster self‐sufficiency.

Local Agencies provide services throughout the state to all Californians in need, regardless of race, religion, or other personal or cultural attributes. Collectively, Catholic Charities is the largest private provider of social services in the state, serving over 1.1 million unduplicated individuals each year. Most of Catholic Charities agencies’ diverse clientele are low‐income, working individuals and families, struggling to make ends meet in the nation’s most expensive and, consequently, poorest state (U.S. Census Bureau, Supplemental Poverty Measure, 2012).