Dawn Foundation

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About Us

Dawn Foundation is a not for profit organization working in the central Region of Ghana to improve, health, education, civil society and economic development in both rural and urban communities. In collaboration with local, national and international partners, the Foundation fosters sustainable development through practical and comprehensive measures to social and economic challenges. Dawn Foundation is in fully operational in 45 rural and urban communities in its catchment region. Formally Known as Sesay Foundation, the organization started its operation in the village of Aberful in 2005 with interventions on malaria, tuberculosis and subsidized agriculture extension services. Vision Dawn Foundation visualizes a tomorrow where our operational communities will be successful as a result of our contribution and their participation in the interventions we collectively perform. Mission Our mission is to work towards having a positive effect on people and communities by supporting with innovative solutions to vital socioeconomic problems. Core Values: Integrity High ethical standards, financial and material accountability and transparency in all our work serve as the mantle for our non political, non religious and non tribal endeavors. Diversity Much us we value competence and experience in our operations, it is also our believe and practice that, passion, innovation and cultural integration strengthen our achievement of work. Merit Both internally and externally, Dawn Foundation places great importance on who deserves and where there is a need before deciding on projects and placement. We are currently operating projects in the following fields Relief / Aid Social Enterprise Agriculture Education Health