Kids On The Block of San Diego

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San Diego
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About Us

Kids on the Block of San Diego is a non-profit organization committed to providing educational puppet programs which enlighten children (grades Pre K-6) on issues of disability awareness, medical and educational differences, social issues, and cultural diversity.

  • Alcohol, Tobacco and Other Drug Prevention
  • Appreciating Differences & Multi-Culturalism
  • Bullying and School Safety
  • Military Deployment
  • Difficult Social Situations
  • Healthy Eating / Healthy Lifestyles
  • Physical Disabilities

The Kids on the Block is a non-profit educational organization founded in Maryland in 1977 and initially focused on educating schoolchildren about cerebral palsy. It has since expanded its mission to include education about dozens of disabilities and other differences.

The local San Diego group was founded in 1985 through the effort of a community-minded woman, Mary Felix. She had a professional background in physical therapy — and a child with a disability — so she was well aware of the social adjustments people with disabilities face daily.

The Kids on the Block of San Diego is an independent IRS 501(c)(3) tax-exempt charitable agency with the support of volunteer puppeteers and a volunteer Board of Directors. Over 600,000 children in San Diego County have been served by The Kids on the Block programs.