peoples social and cultural society

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About Us

  • At present there are several social service organizations are working here in Jammu and Kashmir and within them our organization People’s Social & Cultural Society (PSCS) has reached upon a high peak of well-known and reputed society by our work. This organization is totally running by social workers. We are also motivated our local community and women to participate with us in our society’s works.
  • Our organization is working in the field of development for women, child and youth. It’s working here from last 9 years with collaboration of l government and non-government organizations. our organization was established in 2003 and from that year it’s continuously working since today and carrying a good name because of our works. Rafi Razaqi is the present Chairman of our society.
  • Organization is registered under society registration Act VI of 1998 (1941 A.D.) Registered in Income Tax Department(Donation are exempted) and also has been registered under (FCRA) Foreign Funding Registration Act,2010

Objectives of the society:-

◦ Organization all ways try to carry democratic values.

◦ Always focus on spread scientific knowledge among the people.

◦ Organization has dream to establish not only primary, secondary schools but also it has dream to establish higher education centers with universities for such peoples.

◦ This organization is very protective about weaker section as physically and mentally.

◦ To establish vocational centers for rural girls and women.

◦ To develop athletic sense and capability among children organization will arrange several athletic met and will provide training on several games.

◦ Help rural people to meet with all gram panchayats providing schemes through stay as a communicator.

◦ To aware people about environment pollution and its remedies.

◦ Aware people about several health disease and provide free checkup and immunization to prevent from transmitted disease.

◦ To arrange cultural programmes for spread communal harmony among the people.

◦ To arrange training programmes for farmers for their agricultural development with using all modern technology.