Muscular Dystrophy Association, Inc

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About Us

At MDA, we search for talent who will embrace and align with our mission, vision, and values which are shared below.

Our Mission: To save and improve lives of people fighting muscle disease as we: find treatments and cures; support families; and rally communities.

Our Vision: At the Muscular Dystrophy Association, we're driven by our passion to create a world free of the harmful effects of muscle disease.

Our Values are our strength: We believe in MUSCLE:

Mission: We're driven to accelerate progress for families and muscle health.

Understanding: We're attentive to our constituent's needs and each other's.

Stewardship: By investing precious resources wisely, we drive the best possible outcomes.

Collaboration: We foster win-win partnerships and build communities.

Learning: Knowledge powers our success and empowers our people.

Excellence: We strive to do our best and exceed constituents' expectations.

Latest Listings

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Care and Clinical Services Specialist- Cedar Rapids, IA (Job)

Fundraising Coordinator- Oklahoma City, OK (Job)

Director of Business Development- Midland, TX (Job)

Regional Director- Seattle, WA (Job)

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