Wynona's House Child Advocacy Center

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185 Washington St
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About Us

The mission of Wynona's House is to promote justice and provide healing for child victims of abuse and neglect in Essex County.  We do this by coordinating investigative, prosecutorial, treatment, and prevention services.

The vision of Wynona's House is to create a community where children are safe, families are strong, and victims become children again, by: 1- Reducing the number of times a child is interviewed during the investigation phase to a single interview conducted by a specially trained interviewer in a child-friendly environment. 2-Increasing successful prosecution through improved evidence collection, victim-witness advocacy, and partnerships with municipal law enforcement. 3-Promoting the research and development of innovative evidence-based behavioral health treatments for children and families 4-Strengthening the safety net for children through community outreach, education, and prevention efforts.

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