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About Us

Karen News was founded in June 2011 when exiled Karen journalists decided it was necessary to report regularly from within Karen State to present the most accurate and original reportage of the dynamic situation on the ground, as well as reflect the rapid and ongoing changes in regards to electoral processes, political transition and ceasefire negotiations that have so dramatically altered the social and political landscape of Karen State. As Burma emerges from several decades of military rule, it is imperative that residents have access to trustworthy and insightful news reporting. This is especially true in the Karen areas of eastern Burma, where the world’s longest-running civil war has isolated communities and instilled a deep mistrust of the government and local media. Our multilingual reporters have years of experience working with these communities in Burma, and our established sources range from Karen political leaders to regional policy experts. We also maintain long-standing relationships with community-based organizations, including the Karen Women's Organization (KWO) and the Committee for Internally Displaced Karen People(CIDKP), all of which provide us with support and feedback. The goal of Karen News is to give Karen journalists the chance to investigate and report on the concerns of communities across Karen State.We strive to give aspiring journalists the ability to work independently and confidently within their own communities by providing training and material support. We also hope to better inform the Karen community, which is paramount given the newly inked ceasefire agreement between the Karen National Union and the Burmese government, as well as in light of the 2015 nationwide elections. The ultimate goal is to provide the Karen community with independent, Karen-led news coverage focusing on the issues they deem the most important. By doing this, we hope to give the Karen community at home and abroad a deepened understanding of issues affecting their community. Furthermore, continued international coverage of our original reporting, as has been done by The Economist, The Bangkok Post, The Nation, the ABC and many news outlets currently operating in Burma, will reflect the relevance of our mission.