IFMR LEAD, Chennai

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About Us

We specialize in conducting high-quality policy and action-oriented research by partnering with influential stakeholders to inform policymaking debates. We collaborate with leading professors and economists, development specialists, and industry experts on research design and implementation, and data analysis and dissemination.

Our projects are headed by Principal Investigators (PI) and supported by Research Managers and Associates. Our field and data management experts ensure that data is collected and safeguarded in compliance with the Institutional Review Board (IRB) requirements.

Our field teams collect primary survey data at individual, household, village, firm, or institutional level. These efforts are often complemented with qualitative interviews and focus group discussions. Data collection is conducted under the expert supervision of our Support Unit primarily using digital devices such as tablets and notebooks (conventional paper surveys are employed when digital methods are infeasible).

Our policy outreach team generates research in areas that are more closely related to specific policy change or micro-level issues. The team disseminates findings for improved policy making by facilitating policy dialogues between industry stakeholders.