B Media Collective

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About Us

B Media Collective is a community-based video art collective that uses political remix videos, documentaries and skill-building workshops to catalyze collaborative work for social justice.

We are a pioneering a community media model rooted in social justice. We work with communities committed to the global struggle for justice, and support our partners with on-the-ground film presence and teach-ins on how to use media to best tell their stories and advance their organizing. We use our creativity to make media that inspires and educates people about their community, and run a website that documents the social justice work going on in Portland, OR.We are inspired by the community media movement in Latin America. There is a strong history of community media organizations operating as models for collective existence and endogenous development in Latin America, especially in Venezuela, where the community media movement has been at the forefront of grassroots organizing since the coup in 2002 against Chavez. In Latin America, there has long been a recognition that a locally owned and focused independent media network, separate from the State and private corporations, is necessary for a thriving democracy.

We are active agents agitating to inspire dialogue. We recognize that all of us have a role to play in the world, and as media makers, we are explicit in using our work to support and explore the stories we support. We are here to champion the sides most ignored, most misunderstood, and aim to use our solidarity with them to share their philosophies with a larger audience. Our purpose is to highlight the issues overlooked by the mainstream media, and to bring alternative visions and ideas to the table for discussion.

We aim to create a community-media network in Cascadia. We seek to provide an alternative model for community development by linking local and alternative ideas and information with people and politics. By linking on-the-ground solidarity work with our own media coverage, we hope to show people that there are alternatives to the system we live in, and empower them to be the makers of their own realities and the tellers of their own stories.