Czech Helsinki Committee

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About Us

The Czech Helsinki Committee fosters and defends the basic norms and values of liberal democratic society, namely by protecting the human rights and personal liberty of all people in the Czech Republic specifically, and in Central Europe and the European Union generally. We are heavily engaged in promoting and sustaining equal opportunities, human rights, minority rights, gender equality, and problems of discrimination and racism. We have a historical commitment to investigating issues associated with criminal procedure, imprisonment, police abuses, and other branches of the justice system. Our activities are directed toward the development and strengthening of Czech and European civil society. Our most important activities cover: lobbying, government monitoring, cultural and educational activities, providing counseling and aid services, and recording, writing, and analyzing case studies and annual reports.

  • Lobbying (following and commenting on legislative and initiation of reform processes)

  • Monitoring (following the status of closed institutions, police stations, etc)

  • Cultural and educational activities (lectures, seminars, round tables, medial campaigns, official statements, communication and motivation trainings, publication activities)

  • Case studies (analyses and solutions of important criminal, administrative and civil causes, consultancy, attorney appearance, support and follow of the procedures etc)