Kidsbridge Tolerance Center

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999 Lower Ferry Road
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About Us

Kidsbridge is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing imaginative, hands-on programs focusing on: bullying and cyberbullying prevention; tolerance, diversity appreciation and respect for all persons; victim empowerment and positive self-esteem; conflict resolution and empathy; sensitivity to persons with disabilities; understanding of LGBT persons and grassroots youth activism.

Since 1996, Kidsbridge has sought to fill the large voids that exist in the learning of life skills, character education and diversity appreciation with knowledge, aspiration and empowerment. Kidsbridge programs include the Kidsbridge Tolerance Center and the Kidsbridge Life Skills Programs.

The Kidsbridge Tolerance Center is the only youth-focused tolerance center in the United States. It is located in the Ewing Senior & Community Center in Ewing, NJ (beginning in July 2014.) From March 2006 through June 2014, it was known as “the Museum” and was generously housed in Forcina Hall on the campus of The College of New Jersey/TCNJ in Ewing, NJ.

Each year more than 2,200 students and 200 educators visit Kidsbridge, learning strategies to better deal with the challenging character education and diversity appreciation issues facing today’s youth.