Urban Neighborhood Educational Technology for You, Inc

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About Us

Urban Neighborhood Educational Technology for You, Inc. (UNETY)

Urban Neighborhood Educational Technology for You (UNETY), Inc. is a 501(c) (3) community based organization that brings about awareness, by stimulating and mobilizing its residents through needed economic resources and available technological tools for low-income children and families at risk.

Creating community unity, by organizing for the purpose of combating community deterioration and lessening neighborhood tensions. Promote, encourage and educate the residents of the community and the general public about the benefits of community associations and the empowerment it brings. Assist youth by providing counseling and encouraging them to stay in school or aid them in obtaining meaningful jobs by referring them to agencies devoted to youth employment. Confront the challenge of equipping adults and preparing our youth to compete for jobs in a global economy, our community must have the necessary skills to face the challenges of the future. Technology advances have opened the window of opportunity for our communities to acquire those skills now.