Ghana National Deaf Children's Society

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Cape Coast

About Us

Ghana National Deaf Children’s Society (GNDCS), is a registered national nongovernmental organisation working for the cause of deaf children and their families in Ghana.

The main goal of GNDCS is to create a world of no barriers for deaf and hard of hearing children in Ghana; a world where deaf and hard of hearing children will get equal if not better access to education, health, information, technology , etc

Our vision is to see deaf children grow up to be responsible adults who will contribute their quota to the socio-economic development of their district in particular, Ghana as a whole and even internationally.

We provide early intervention in the form of support and services for newly identified deaf children and their families: Provision of this support empower families in making informed decision on education and communication, etc for their children We have a lot of opportunities for Volunteers who are either hearing or deaf. Contact us for more information. on how to volunteer with us.