Hill House Association

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1835 Centre Avenue
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About Us

The Hill House Association continues to work in the tradition of the settlement houses of the past. A settlement house is a neighborhood-based organization that provides services and activities designed to identify and reinforce the strengths of individuals, families and communities. Varying according to the needs of their neighborhoods, settlement programs may include: job training and employment programs, early childhood education, after-school youth programs, arts education and performances, computer labs, English-as-a-Second Language and literacy education, citizenship instruction and legal counseling, mental health and home care, housing, schools, senior centers and food programs. They also provide assistance and space to individuals and groups in efforts to solve community problems.

The Hill House not only provides core programs, it works to provide premium space to insure other community services providers are able to work in the community to provide supportive human services. It actively supports community based collaborations to leverage funding opportunities and ensure that a broad variety of services are available to Hill District residents.