Art Sphere, Inc.

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BOK Building, 1901 S 9th Street,
Studio 502
United States

About Us

Art Sphere Incorporated is a Philadelphia-based 501(c)(3) charitable non-profitorganization established to teach art to inner-city low-income youth through art education&murals. Our mission is to engage the creative in communities, empower neighborhoods to explore the positives in peoples’ lives, and heal the mind, body and spirit through art.

Art Sphere Incorporated (ASI), founded by painter, printmaker and Philadelphia-area native Kristin Groenveld, is located in the Bok Building and brings the joy and power of artistic expression to underserved youth and communities throughout the Delaware Valley.

Partnering with teachers, school districts, religious congregations, grassroots organizations, libraries and community groups we deliver a range of artistic and human services, including:

Collaborative Public Murals Conflict Resolution Workshops After-school and Adult Education Programs Cross-cultural Art Exchanges Themed Art Workshops for Teachers and Community Educators Art Sphere Incorporated also facilitates educational art festivals and events, providing demonstrations and hands-on instruction at block parties, holiday celebrations and community fairs.

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