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About Us

Momentum World is an education and training provider working in the UK and internationally. Our mission is to enhance the career prospects of young people. Our unique programmes develop leadership, communication and enterprise skills of young people, offering exceptional learning and personal development opportunities, ranging from short, locally based activities to large scale international residential courses and projects. We work with schools, colleges and other organisations to support, motivate and reward young people.

We promote intercultural understanding and inclusion.

Momentum programmes are about long term engagement and cumulative development. They are a mixture of challenge and fun, rewarding effort with further opportunities, and enabling young people to build dynamic peer networks. Much of our work involves international activity, or promotes intercultural learning. Our programmes focus on young people between 15 and 25, but we also cater for other age groups.

We also offer a range of project development and advisory servics in the youth and education sector. We are particularly keen to help establish new international projects and exchanges.

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