Mizpah Inland Human Services

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About Us

Mizpah Inland Human Services, INC (MIHS), located in rural Hamilton Township, western Atlantic County, NJ, is a non-profit community organization that was est. in 1978 and operates under the goverance of a Board of Directors. It was organized exclusively as a community organization committed to making positive changes in the community that it serves but was branched out to provide the highest quality programs that benefit all residents and surrounding areas. MIH primary mission is to address the human and moral issues and concerns that affects the human needs. MIHS' programs is designed to assist familiees and providing the appropriate avenues for youth and children to learn, grow, and mature in such a way as to be a successful contributor to their lives and the lives of others. MIHS' mission is to protect and promote the welfare of indivifuals in the community and surrounding areas, provide for the basic human needs, maintain the integrity of families; strengthen residents self reliance and self-sufficiency; and promote positive social development and emtional adjustment for children and youth at risk of poor social emtional adjustments. One of the major goals is to promote seniors self-reliance and protection through community-based services to those who are experiecing declining ablities due to age and health conditions and those of limited income and physical and medical needs through our volunteers who assist w/ areas such as providing transportation for medical appts., pharmacy, shopping, ect. MIHS has included in its programs the establishment of a social referral system whereby social services for essentials care, protection and general well-being is referred. In collaborative partnerships w/ State, County, and other local Community and Human Services Agencies and the local governing body, MIHS strives for the enhancement of family life within the community through promting and implementing community development programs to increase and expand family care services.

services currently provides:

HEAP Assistance

Summer Mini-Camp

The Learning Center (TLC)

Youth Summer Work Program

Feeding Program for Needy and Homeless

"Nu Unity" Community Day

Senior & Handicap Transportation

Food Assistant Program (Food Pantry)