BoHo Theatre

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About Us

BoHo Theatre began in 2003 and was created on the foundation of those four Bohemian pillars: Truth, Beauty, Freedom and Love.


We believe that theater and art creates relationships and connections between the artist, the story, the patron and their soul. Examining these 4 pillars can help us more intimately connect to our own personal passions and create common bonds between the people in our lives.

As an all-volunteer run theatre ensemble, we passionately care about the theater experience, the artistic process itself, while also creating a place for actors to launch performing careers. Producing three unique productions each year, we have developed a highly professional and innovative artistic standard that has been recognized by the Jeff Committee for the past 10 years. 

We are truly a family made up of our cast, crew and audience members, all sharing in intimate experiences of artistic expression. Each production is chosen specifically for supporting one or more of the Bohemian artistic pillars.  We strive to evoke strong emotional responses to ageless cultural themes and complex feelings that can “begin the discussion” of what is truly real and important in our world today.