Beautiful Gate Zambia

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About Us

Established in 2004, Beautiful Gate Zambia is a community based organisation that seeks to provide care and support to children infected or affected by HIV/AIDS as well as empowering their families with life skills and seed capital. We have four programs, namely:

(1)Community school for orphans and vulnerable children

Currently, there are 500 children attending our community school located in one of the shanty Townships of a town called Kitwe. Since the kids come from homes where a single meal is the order of the day, a warm meal is provided to them to enable them concentrate in class.

(2)Street outreach to children living on the streets

Once a week, we gather about 60 street kids at our centre for a time of sport, motivational talk and literacy lessons. This enables the kids an opportunity to “escape” from an environment where they are exposed to sniffing glue and smoking marijuana.

(3)Community outreach to people living with HIV/AIDS in the community and,

Despite concerted HIV/AIDS awareness campaigns, a number of people living with HIV/AIDS are still subjected to stigma and ridicule by a number of people in the community due to ignorance. We venture into the community once a week to break the “cycle of ignorance” around the HIV/AIDS pandemic by raising awareness through health talks as well as encouraging voluntary testing and counselling.

(4)Income generating activities for widows and grandparents

As opposed to dishing out handouts to the most vulnerable people in the community such as widows and grandparents, we encourage them to get involved in income generating activities. In the recent past, we have trained 100 widows and grandparents in tailoring/design, handcrafts and poultry and empowered them with seed capital to start their own small business enterprises.