European Endowment for Democracy

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About Us

Mission Statement of the European Endowment for Democracy

European and independent

The European Endowment for Democracy has been created to promote the European values of freedom and democracy. A joint effort of the Member States and European Union institutions, the European Endowment for Democracy remains an independent private law foundation with its seat in Brussels.

Fostering - not exporting -democracy and freedom

The European Endowment for Democracy will advance and encourage “deep and sustainable democracy” in transition countries and in societies struggling for democratisation, with initial, although not exclusive focus, on the European Neighbourhood.

Democracy and freedom cannot be exported from outside or imposed. National ownership is indispensible to ignite the engine of change and ensure sustainable and inclusive democratisation process. The European Endowment for Democracy stands ready to assist the democratic change in the spirit of solidarity and partnership.

Supporting unsupported

The European Endowment for Democracy will assist: pro-democratic civil society organisations, movements and individual activists acting in favour of a pluralistic multiparty system regardless of their size or formal status. The EED will also provide assistance to young leaders, independent media and journalists, provided that all the beneficiaries adhere to core democratic values and human rights as well as subscribe to principles of non-violence.

Gender perspective will be mainstreamed in all decisions and EED-funded actions.

Complementarity and added value

The European Endowment for Democracy will operate in the most flexible and effective manner reflecting the situation, the specific context and the needs of its beneficiaries.

It will engage in regular consultations with relevant EU institutions and other actors in order to avoid duplication and ensure synergy, complementarity and added-value to EU instruments and Member States bilateral activities.

The EED shall draw on the experience of democratic transition in the Member States of the EU.