Missiongathering Christian Church

  • CA


3880 5th Avenue
San Diego
United States

About Us

Missiongathering is a spiritually and culturally progressive community of faith meeting in the urban village of North Park, San Diego. We place high value on the expression of truth through creative art forms such as music, media, print, video, photography, painting, poetry, etc. Started by several young adults from the San Diego area who were disenchanted with the institutional church, from our initial beginnings this group of friends and spiritual seeks began to use words like open, organic, emergent, fluid, and ever-evolving to describe their community. With a strong desire to embody God's grace to the emerging/postmodern culture we are a part of, we seek to take the story of God's grace and love and live out what it means for us today including ALL (gay, straight, male, female, wealthy, poor, and all that are in between) in our story.