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About Us

Our mission is to grow and sustain a community of readers, writers, and thinkers in Philadelphia.

Tree House Books is a literacy center and Giving Library based in North Philadelphia. Our mission is to grow and sustain a community of readers, writers, and thinkers in Philadelphia.  Our programs move beyond strictly academics to include a social, emotional, and cultural focus.   Tree House Books also engages the community in holistic literacy activities that reflect our community’s rich ethnic, racial, and cultural heritage.  We foster healthy attitudes towards reading and help our participants expand their self-concept through awareness of the opportunities reading provides.



Providing access to high quality books to the community is still at the heart of Tree House Books.  Since 2008, we’ve distributed nearly 80,000 books in the local community and beyond.  Families can access free books through our:

  • Giving Library, a pay what you wish community bookstore.    
  • Words on Wheels, a book delivery program where we offer a Story Time and book-based activities to various blocks in our neighborhood.
  • Book Depot, a book distribution center for community groups, day care centers, schools, and teachers.



Our after-school and summer Book Camps focus on language acquisition, recreational reading, critical thinking, and creative writing.  Working with volunteers trained in a trauma-informed approach, we work with children in 5-week cycles on selected themes.  Most importantly, we encourage students to realize that reading is fun! We accomplish our work through:

  • Daily Story Time, an all-ages shared experience with a thoughtfully selected boot related to the theme
  • Book Clubs, age-specific silent reading groups and group discussion of the text
  • One-on-one reading time, individual volunteer and student time working on specific literacy skills
  • Writing and art projects, an opportunity for reading comprehension and self expression led by trained teaching artists
  • Tree House Sprouts, specific time and programming set aside for little ones, ages 4-6, just learning to read.


These programs take place via a partnership of Tree House Books Staff, Teaching Artists, the Board of Directors, students, families, and community members. In the 2016-2017 school year, Tree House Books expects to engage approximately 2,380 students and almost 200 volunteers sourced from the community and nearby Temple University.

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