Willamalane Park & Recreation District

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250 S 32nd St.
United States

About Us

Mission Statement: To provide exceptional park and recreation services that enhance the livability of our community and the lives of the people we serve.

Vision Statement: Willamalane will be a partner with our community. Through strong partnerships we will achieve exceptional service and foster an atmosphere of cooperation, trust, and innovation to better serve our patrons.

Willamalane will be a leader in providing activities and places for people to play and enrich their lives. We will dedicate ourselves to improving the quality of life for our patrons.

Willamalane will be a steward of our environment. We will treasure and preserve our natural resources and open spaces.

Willamalane will be a friend to the community and become a valued part of each person’s life. People are the core of our organization, and people are who we exist to serve. We will work to touch every life in a positive way.

Willamalane will be dedicated to the dreams of our patrons. Working together, we will contribute to the livability and culture of our community and strive to create a better future.