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About Us

HDDIC, ORG. maintains that homelessness is more than simply not having a place to live. Homelessness is contingent upon a variety of social, personal and political problems that work against an individual and/or family, leaving them alone and on the streets. HDDIC, ORG. believes that the solution to homelessness is much more than permanent housing. The solution includes a variety of social and educational services along with empowerment programs all of which HDDIC, ORG. provides. Each resident becomes a part of the HDDIC, ORG. community, which serves as a foundation of support and knowledge.

The emphasis at HDDIC, ORG. is on education, structure, self-discipline and concern for others. The programs offered at HDDIC, ORG. work with the individuals and/or families in an effort to achieve these goals as they move toward independent living by providing them with a structured environment that is conductive to education and self-empowerment.