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About Us

In an ever-specialized and complex world, most of us have less and less time to devote to understanding critical environmental issues. Where can we—from average citizen to environmental professional—look for balanced, useful, and timely information about the Northwest’s environment? And how do we follow up on that information?

A non-profit organization, Illahee provides participants with practical tools for understanding the nature of our home here in the Pacific Northwest, and for taking care of it. We provide the region opportunities for science-based, policy-relevant environmental inquiry.

We’re unusual in that we’re more exploratory than most nonprofits. We value questions and innovation above dogmatic pre-determined answers. We’ve found that this open-ended exploratory worldview has struck a nerve with a significant segment of the region’s citizens. Our focus is environmental issues, but environment is so interconnected with society, economics and culture, that we have to reach beyond environment when we explore issues. While our core mission is inquiry, the result has been a better-informed public that feels a sense of community and direction.