Bayanihan Foundation Worldwide

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About Us

Bayanihan” is the spirit of community and cooperation that enables us to reach a common goal.

Our Mission To enable Filipinos to improve their lives in empowering and sustaining ways

Our Values

"Bayanihan” – Community spirit “Kapwa Tao” – Helping our fellows “Ang hindi lumingon sa pinanggalingan ay hindi --makakarating sa paroroonan”

—You have to look back to where you came from to reach your destiny—

Program Plans for 2011

NETWORK AND CONNECT WITH OTHERS. Develop new partnerships among Filipino diaspora donors, organizations, businesses, government and other stakeholders

ENCOURAGE PARTNERSHIPS. Provide matching funds to encourage 20 partnerships in health and education in 20 Filipino communities for the long-term until 2020

  • BASES CLEAN UP EDUCATION & ADVOCACY PROJECT. Plans to promote education and advocacy to rectify the ill effects in the former US military bases in the Philippines to rectify the ill effects they left behind and restore the long-term sustainability of the residents that live there.

• DEVELOP YOUTH LEADERSHIP. Create next generation Filipino American and Filipino Canadian youth leaders to volunteer and develop projects

• PROMOTE RETURN MIGRATION. Hold conferences to explore innovative ways to encourage sharing of resources and promote return migration and investments in grassroots development projects in the Philippines