community Transforming Network

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About Us

our social mission states that "Working with other development stake holders to empower communities with resources and skills through community mobilization and awareness to bring about sustainable community transformation and development"

Community Transforming Network (CTN) is a non-governmental organization committed to sustainable community development and systematic social change. Community Transforming Network adopts a psychosocial, practical, realistic and measurable approach in curbing poverty. In its approach, CTN closely works and engages local community leaders in order to realize its objectives. Its main objective is to economically empower the common person at the grass roots level.

Community Transforming Network adopts a problem solving practical approach using Entrepreneurship skills that stress empowerment and community sustainable development as the best long term, viable and strategic option for poverty eradication.

In its measures to eradicate poverty, CTN embraces the following projects in its fight against poverty: