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About Us

Sheltering Books, Inc. - providing children’s books to shelters across the US

Sheltering Books, Inc. is a 501 (c)(3) charity that provides quality like new children’s and teen books to homeless shelters across the US. Sheltering Books, Inc. was founded in 2008, by then 14 year old Mackenzie Bearup of Alpharetta, GA. Mackenzie suffers from Complex Regional Pain Syndrome and has spent many months in bed in great pain. She found that reading was a terrific way to get her mind off her pain. Her doctor asked her what she did with her books when she was finished and told her about a home for severely abused children that wanted to start a library for the children who reside there. Mackenzie gathered her books, asked friends to do the same and soon her book drive took off. She gave that home enough books to fill their library to capacity. She then contacted homeless shelters to see if they would like books. Today she and Sheltering Books, Inc have collected over 55,000 books. If you would like to help collect books for shelters in your state or if you could contact shelters to see if they would like free books, please contact Sheltering Books, Inc. at (678) 427-1316, or visit