Healthy Babies Project, Inc.

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About Us

Incorporated in 1990, Healthy Babies Project, Inc. is a private not-for-profit community-based support system for pregnant and parenting teen parents in Washington, DC. The Healthy Babies Project aims to reduce the dangerously high rates of infant deaths, illnesses, low birth weight, and repeat pregnancies as well as improve the health, education, and parenting outcomes for at-risk mothers, fathers and infants, by reaching out to high-risk, low-income, pregnant and parenting women, men and their families.

HBP was founded in 1990 by visionary Dolores Farr, a retired nurse, who discovered abysmal infant death and low birth weight rates in our nation’s capital (24.4 infant deaths per 1000 live births at the time), as bad or worse than many counterpart rates in Third World. She believed that going into neighborhoods and homes and offering prenatal services to expectant women and their families could reverse and even eliminate this senseless loss of life. Her aim was to reduce the dangerously high rates of infant mortality, low birth weight, and teen pregnancy, and to be a bridge to building stronger family units.