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About Us

Founded in 1990, Founded as Karp Resources in 1990, Karen Karp & Partners (KK&P) is the nation’s leading problem-solver for food-related enterprises, programs and policies.

Our Good Food is Good Business division supports the healthy development, execution, and operations of food businesses and initiatives in the public and private sectors. Our services include strategic sourcing, feasibility analysis, market research, business planning, project management, and evaluation.

Our Good People are Good Business division builds leadership and organizational effectiveness in the food sector through talent and performance management, organizational assessment, capacity building, executive coaching, recruiting, and employee engagement services.

KK&P’s clients include corporations, government agencies, small businesses, non-profits, and educational organizations. For more than 25 years, we spearheaded and have been integral to the development and execution of food businesses, policies, and partnerships in the across the United States and in the United Kingdom. 

Our team includes eight professionals who bring a mix of expertise that creates success for our clients: a chef, an attorney, a product development specialist, policy experts, an urban planner, a local food expert, a sourcing expert, a former farmer, an educator, a human resources professional and sustainability expertise.

Our external team—expert collaborators—includes a finance strategist, an economist, a branding and marketing firm, a writer and publisher, a community health practitioner and a public relations and communications professional. 

Below we will provide a short list of relevant supply chain and brand development clients. 

We don’t just innovate food systems. We drive sustainable growth.