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About Us

I am working to start a nonprofit called the L.O.L.A Foundation with a mission to increase education in communities on the consequences of driving under the influence of drugs and alcohol. Our vision to steer the path of a legalized state and help shed a positive light on the culture of marijuana will play a role in our goals to introduce an initiative to pass a law requiring students enrolling in driver's education or applying for a WA state driver's license to attend a Victim Impact Panel. Judges order those convicted of a DUI to serve jail time, serve community service and attend an ADIS (alcohol driving informational school) and they must conclude their sentence by attending a VIP. We need to be a little bit more proactive than that. If the state required the panel beforehand, driver's would be educated before they took the risk of killing or harming themselves and those innocent families driving on the streets everyday. The L.O.L.A Foundation believes in connecting people to celebrate life, remind each other of hope, and to Live Our Lives Agape... "Agape" In love with serving others, life all around, and possessing an unconditional love for mankind.