Hopeland NYC

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575 Madison Ave, 24th Floor
New York
United States

About Us

United by family, driven by action.

There are tens of millions of children in the world living without the care of a family. That is not just saddening, it’s dangerous. The tragedy is these children are being physically, mentally, emotionally damaged. They will not thrive. 1 in 3 is homeless, 1 in 5 have criminal records, 1 in 7 become prostitutes, 1 in 10 commit suicide. If all the children in the world living without the care of a family were in one place, it would be one of the world’s largest countries but they are not. They are spread out all over the globe. Alone, invisible and unheard. To change this, we are creating a country, Hopeland. And inviting the world to become its citizens so that together we can ensure each and every child benefits from the love of a family. In the face of this crisis, the citizens of Hopeland pledge to elevate the voice of the children, to make the invisible visible and to protect the right of every child to know the love of a family. Hopeland citizens choose to see and experience the whole world as a family.