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About Us

New York Campus Compact has been partnering with the Corporation for National and Community Service since 2003 in order to assist member campuses in increasing the number of faculty and students making a difference through volunteer service and service-learning.

The NYCC VISTA program enables colleges and universities to better respond to pressing issues facing low-income communities by improving the quality of and capacity for campus-community service and service-learning programs. These campuses build community-campus partnerships to mobilize intellectual, human, and material resources to address community-identified issues of concern.

NYCC is an association of college and university presidents and their campuses committed to promoting active citizenship as an aim of higher education. The New York Campus Compact provides statewide leadership in advocating for, supporting, and increasing student involvement in academic and co-curricular public service, in order to strengthen the capacity of member institutions to serve society; to enhance student learning; and to develop in individual students the knowledge, values, skills, and habits of civic responsibility and democratic participation.