The Men's Resource Center of Philadelphia

  • Pennsylvania


1601 Walnut Street
Suite 1017
United States

About Us

Mission Statement

The Men’s Resource Center (MRC) is dedicated to helping men address the current challenges in their lives and relationships. We provide support for creating positive change for men of all ages, races, ethnicities, and sexual backgrounds.


The Men's Resource Center was founded in 1979 by Gerald Evans, M.Div., LCSW to offer support to men going through periods of transition in their lives. It was among the first organizations in the country to speak to the unique needs of men. Like the founder, the current directors draw from the insight of the feminist movement as an inspiration for addressing the issues both women and men confront due to gender expectations.

Our Vision

The MRC envisions all men having the necessary assistance and ability to address the challenges they experience related to being male in today’s world. Boys and men throughout the Philadelphia region should have the effective capacity to access support from their families, friends, and communities. Affirming men’s goodness enhances their positive self-esteem and furthers their ability to pursue emotionally close relationships with their friends, partners, and children. We support this in an atmosphere of safety, and without isolation, violence, or self-harm. We envision a community that acknowledges and embraces a range of masculinities (ways of being male), sexualities, and gender expressions. Finally, the MRC strives to be a place where men of all ages have access to high quality services to help them grow and live to their full potential.


The MRC provides a range of services including:

·    Individual, couple, and family counseling

·    Individual and group anger management and violence-ending programs

·    Support groups to build new connections and close, healthy relationships with other men

·    Educational programs and advocacy on topics such as men’s health, fathering, sexuality, and relationships

·    Programs for parents and caretakers who are raising boys

·    Training for professionals working with men and boys