Green Communities Consulting

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Myanmar [Burma]

About Us

Green Communities Consulting(GCC) is an organization that sprung from the need to assist young community development practitioners graduating from the Network for Environment and Economic Development (NEED-Myanmar, formally known as NEED-Burma). GCC is an environmentally focused non-political organization that provides expert environmental consulting to encourage and promote sustainable environmental practices in community-led development. By approaching development as collaboration with local stakeholders and organizations, GCC hopes to preserve the environment, protect local culture, and contribute to sustainable livelihoods. WHAT WE DO

We give free environmental consultation to young community development practitioners so that their projects have the best chance to succeed, remain sustainable, and continue helping their communities years into the future; and GCC works closely with the project leaders and their communities to ensure the vision and ownership of the project remain their own. We give community development trainings and project assistance in resource management, environmental designs, and land use management.

Goal : Reduce the negative impacts of development on Burma’s environment while promoting sustainable communities.


  • Integrating principles of environmental sustainability into community based development projects
  • Building the capacity of local communities, particularly youth, to utilize sustainable practices in their development projects
  • Promote the adoption of Eco-friendly tourism in Burma