Morningside Shelter

  • VT


P.O. Box 370
81 Royal Road
United States

About Us

Founded in 1979, our mission is to work together with those in need of housing support services to create individualized solutions to homelessness. We do this through the provision of shelter and comprehensive support services. Over the last 35 years, Morningside has developed the knowledge, systems, and institutional capacity to effectively assist homeless families and individuals in securing and successfully maintaining stable housing. Last year we served 323 unduplicated people; our Shelter was “home” to over 120 people, roughly a third of whom were children. As the only year-round homeless shelter in southeastern Vermont, our services are in high demand:

  • SHELTER (29 beds) and intensive case management for individuals and families – The Shelter offers an extended stay and works collaboratively with area non-profit and public agencies to help people connect to a wide range of services including: job training and placement, medical and mental health treatment, family and substance abuse counseling, budget management, nutrition, health education, parenting and child care services, and assistance in identifying and applying for subsidized housing opportunities.
  • HOUSING SUPPORT CASE MANAGEMENT provides housing retention support services to individuals and families as they transition back into housing as tenants; preventing future housing crises.
  • THE REPRESENTATIVE PAYEE PROGRAM provides an intermediary between Social Security recipients and their benefits; ensuring that rent and basic living expenses are paid, to keep participants in good financial standing, thereby preventing future threat of homelessness.
  • THE YOUTH SHELTER COLLABORATIVE is an innovative response to youth homelessness; providing two cost-effective, supervised, three-bedroom shelter spaces in Windham County – for which Morningside holds the lease with case management provided by Youth Services, Inc.