Hrvatsko-malezijska kultorološka udruga

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About Us

HMKU is a non-profit organization established in June 2010 for creating interest in educating and promoting both the Croatian and the Malaysian culture, to promote tourism to Croatia and Malaysia, and to establish a basis for a buddy system for future Malaysian tourists and/or Malaysian or Southeast Asian students in Croatia.

The society was started by Yeop Azman (Muhammad Zeitsev Azman, MD) and Lovro Hamer, two friends with common interests in each other’s culture and nations. Through promotion and cooperation, Yeop and Lovro have accumulated enough interest to decide to start HMKU with members who are willing to help, promote and attend meetings and events to learn about Malaysia.

Although this group just started, we have held seminars, get-togethers and events. We are proud to be the first society of this type in the Balkan region. With time and effort, we plan to become a prominent society and create awareness that is much needed in Central Europe about Malaysia and the other South East Asian nations. We plan on contacting and integrating efforts and resources from the Embassies and Consulates of the Southeast Asian nations, the Malaysian Airlines office, the Proton Service Center in Slovenia, and other related organizations and businesses that many people in this region do not know exist.

Both Malaysia and Croatia have many things in common. Looking to future ventures and ideas, we believe that we can help initiate a better and more knowledgeable relationship between the two nations to create new business opportunities, cultural relations, and tourism promotion.