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About Us

Our Mission is: “To channel the ambitions of young scholars and enact policy changes. We seek to identify the “vendetta” or tension within each issue and create “frictional” questions to play the devil’s advocate. May it be from our articles or interviews, we not only seek to address the extreme views, but also the shunned opinions; our goal, therefore, is to discuss the realistic options that have a plausible chance.”

Our Vision is: “To re-energize our Democracy by empowering Americans with the passion to act and enact public policies. Knowledge without its application is futile; thus, we seek to fill our audience with passion so that they can “stimulate policy actions.”

Political Vendetta is an all-inclusive News Network that educates the public on various policy issues at hand, and inspires them to act one way or another for the betterment of society.

We are always looking for writers! Please contact us at info@pvnn.org for more information!