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About Us

Vision Education & Media is committed to providing schools and non-traditional learning environments with high quality, innovative programs for children. We are dedicated to creative uses of technology as an instrument for educational excellence, student achievement, and school reform.

Our mission is to empower youth to use emerging technologies in creative, project-based ways. Our goal is to provide youth with enriching educational opportunities in school and beyond school that empower them as makers, designers, authors and producers of content and original works.

We intentionally work against the notion that more technology is better. Instead, we focus on using a few excellent tools deeply, creatively and effectively to make technology a manageable resource.

We have been working with schools, CBOs and museums to teach emerging technologies creatively and effectively for over 15 years. We write and implement dynamic multi-disciplinary curricula for use by students and teachers. We provide after school and in school programming to youth, as well as professional development for school staff so they may incorporate the technologies we teach into the academic day.

We have a proven track record, having been included in over fifteen 21st Century Community Learning Center grants. Additionally, we have received two National Science Foundation Grants and a MacArthur Grant to support our innovative work with cutting edge technologies. We participated in The Maker Faire at The New York Hall of Science from 2010-2012, where we won an Educator's Choice in 2010 and 2012.