New Bern Avenue Corridor Alliance

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About Us

The New Bern Avenue Corridor Alliance (NBACA) was formed in 2012 to advocate for an implementation strategy for the City of Raleigh led corridor enhancements outlined in the New Bern Avenue Corridor Study, dated January 6, 2012 and adopted by stakeholders, the Planning Commission and the City Council. The NBACA consists of a committed group of stakeholders and a Board of Directors with the goal of assuring timely construction of essential infrastructure improvements along New Bern Avenue to the City of Raleigh from I-440 to Swain Street. The NBACA will engage citizens, neighborhoods, businesses and institutions impacted by New Bern Avenue to:1. Advocate for corridor awareness.2. Oversee and calibrate public input.3. Seek public/private funding based on prioritization of project-by-project recommendations.4. Assist with review of corridor design.5. Coordinate with City staff to incorporate corridor improvements.