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About Us

GeorgiaForward is an independent, non-partisan organization working to improve the State of Georgia by engaging business, political and civil society leaders to collaboratively shape a statewide policy agenda.

Specifically, GeorgiaForward engages civic, business, government and academic leaders to:

  • Find a common vision for Georgia;
  • Create an environment in which vision and pragmatism trumps political deadlock;
  • Discuss innovative solutions to our state’s challenges; and
  • Foster communication and goodwill among Georgia’s stakeholders.

GeorgiaForward does not directly implement projects. Rather, we facilitate cross-sector and cross-region conversations and partnerships that, in turn, create and pursue solutions on their own. GeorgiaForward has a unique track-record of bringing people together who typically do not interact and acting as a catalyst for big ideas and new collaboration. While we are expanding our programming, our marquee event is an annual a statewide Forum that brings together the best, brightest and most influential to discuss Georgia’s future.

We believe that Georgia’s challenges cannot be met by government, industry, academia or civil society alone. Improving Georgia requires all of our state’s stakeholders to communicate and collaborate in order to proactively address challenges and seize opportunities.

We believe that political rhetoric masks an important reality: Each corner of Georgia, however different from one another it may be, is interdependent and rises and falls together.

Finally, we believe that visionary ideas and strategic solutions for our state can only be found through constant interaction between stakeholders and the most knowledgeable, innovative people.