Plowshare Farm

  • NH


32 Whitney Dr.
United States

About Us

Plowshare Farm Lifesharing Community is an anthroposophically oriented, farm centered community. Our mission is to serve people in need of special care, to share the archetypes of traditional farm life, both with adults and children, and to positively affect the sustainability of our planet. Our community facilities include four houses, a community building, an apartment, a cabin, some out-buildings, a barn, gardens, a pond and 200 acres of fields, forest, and marshes.

Our environment is quite different from an institution. As all of us live here, we are more of a home and farm, which includes people with special needs, than an institution. Residents (adults with developmental disabilities), co-workers, and volunteers work side by side in completing projects, with the individual needs of each person being considered in the planning of the day.

Our year is full with a variety of activities. During the summer we become a summer camp for the developmentally disabled, with all the accompanying activities, some weeks in October and May we host third grade school classes for their “Week on the Farm".