Campfire Innovation

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About Us

Campfire Innovation works with grassroots teams to build a coordinated response throughout different areas of the refugee crisis. This improves access to resources and produces a collaborative approach to creating efficient, dignified solutions to shared challenges. We act as advocates of the grassroots community to those looking to connect with refugee response.


CAMPFIRE Innovation’s activities are designed to act as a support mechanism for the growth of grassroots teams. We are currently active in Greece, identifying grassroots organizations and projects providing relief to over 60,000 people.

INCREASING COLLABORATION: We connect projects to work together, share resources and creating projects complement each other.

BRINGING ACCESS TO RESOURCES: We are building partnerships with those that wish to support grassroots innovation and increase access to:

– Legal advice for new projects, qualified volunteers.

– Expertise (tech, fundraising, organizational growth).

MAPPING GRASSROOTS RESPONSE: We research and highlight the full range of the grassroots response and the best practices they are developing.

Our goal is to increase the sustainability and efficiency of projects that put dignity at the core of refugee response.