Angels for Justice

  • CA

About Us

The Mission of ‘Angels for Justice’ is to ensure the equal treatment of all people regardless of race, gender, creed, sexual preference, nationality or color in the streets of our communities and in the Criminal Justice System.  To erase racial profiling and to advocate for those that are not able to advocate for themselves.

The Vision of ‘Angels for Justice’ is to see a community where everyone is judged by their character and integrity not by the color of their skin or their nationality.  A society where a man or woman is always considered innocent until proven guilty.  A society where nothing is ever assumed and everyone is treated with dignity and respect.  To make sure a person’s mistakes on the wrong side of the law does not condemn them forever in the eyes of the law and in society.  A society where law enforcement is looked at with respect and considered a positive asset to ‘ALL’ members in the community and not looked at with distrust, fear and as bullies with badges.  A society where all members of the community and members of law enforcement work diligently and happily together in unity for the betterment of the community.