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Ethiopian Education Foundation - EEF ( provides excellent secondary schooling for severely under-privileged yet motivated and academically promising students in Ethiopia, helping them reach their full academic potential and enabling them to enter university and to drive real change in Ethiopia.

The Ethiopian Education Foundation (EEF) takes child sponsorship to a different level.

Based in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, the Ethiopian Education Foundation (EEF) offers secondary school scholarships (grades 9-12) to extremely bright, yet severely underprivileged / vulnerable children from all over Ethiopia.

During the four year programme the students home is the EEF Hostel were we provide accommodation, clothing and food as well as academic and recreation facilities within a structured and safe environment enabling all our students to completely focus on reaching their academic potential.

EEF’s work transforms the lives and future of these students. EEF has already produced 12 fully qualified Medical Doctors and 40+ Engineers from its first few batches of scholarship students who entered the programme from 2004 onwards.

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