The Center for Sexual Pleasure and Health

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About Us

The Center for Sexual Pleasure and Health is a small developing 501(c)3 organization changing the national conversation on sexual health and pleasure. We, like the World Health Organization, define sexual health as not just the absence of disease but the potential for pleasure. We achieve these goals by working collaboratively with medical and behavioral health professionals to promote medically accurate and affirming information. The CSPH is uniquely qualified to lead this conversation as an organization founded and governed by certified sexuality educators, licensed social workers, and practicing physicians.

Since 2009, our interdisciplinary team approach has ensured that our work addresses the physical, emotional, and mental needs that arise within the complex intersections of health and pleasure. We’re deeply committed to providing quality education and products so every professional can effectively treat patients experiencing sexuality related concerns.

Our Vision

The CSPH envisions a world where pleasure is viewed as an integral part of sexual health and people can engage in open dialogue about sexuality without fear or shame. We work toward a society that values personal autonomy and sexual health equity for everyone.

Our Mission

The mission of the CSPH is to advance culturally inclusive, medically accurate, and pleasure informed sexuality education, therapy, and professional training. We provide the sex education you deserve.

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