Resist Inc.

  • Massachusetts


42 Seaverns Ave
United States

About Us

Resist supports grassroots organizations on the frontlines of the movement for social justice. We believe that through organizing, direct action, and creativity, the power of communities can and will build a better world.

In 1967, Resist was formed to support draft resistance and to oppose the war in Vietnam. Initially, the Resist Board raised money to support many of its members who were active in the anti-war movement and were indicted for these activities. Later, the Board allocated grants to specific anti-war projects. As the war continued, and as members developed a greater understanding of the way war was connected to the unequal distribution of power and money at home, Resist's work expanded.

Today, Resist funds a wide variety of groups, such as those working on economic justice, labor, environmental, human rights and peace-related issues. These organizations focus on both local and international issues related to social change, although we fund only the national organizing aspects of international campaigns.

In addition to our grantmaking program, we put out a well respected newsletter which is sent to both donors and the organizations we have funded. Recent issues have examined: : the environmental justice movement, Central/Latin America solidarity organizing, and the status of identity politics within progressive organizing.