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About Us

Healing Across the Divides, an American 501(c)(3)

Who we are:

Healing Across the Divides (HD) (www.healingdivides.org), founded in 2004, brings together Christians, Muslims and Jews of all backgrounds to assist Israeli and Palestinian health care organizations improve the health of marginalized communities in Israel and the West Bank within a community based framework. 

Norbert Goldfield, M.D. is the executive director. He brings more than 30 years of experience restructuring health care systems both at a national and a community setting together with extensive experience collaborating with Israelis and Palestinians. HD is assisted by a Board of Directors representing three key constituencies (nationally recognized Jewish Americans, Arab Americans and health care professionals/Middle East experts). In addition, a technical advisory committee composed of researchers from throughout the world provides scientific input into the ongoing development and expansion of funded projects. Our current annual budget is approximately $300,000. Grants begin at $15,000 and can expand to a maximum of $50,000.

Our Mission

Healing Across the Divides pursues health initiatives via financial support and technical advice that will result in:

Documented improved health status in the context of empowerment of individuals and communities

Increased awareness, on the part of policymakers and other interested parties, of the obstacles to improved health of both Israelis and Palestinians. In addition to print/internet based material, we increase awareness via regular engagement between leaders of funded groups and government/private groups across the political spectrum.

We maintain that such initiatives along with efforts to raise awareness by decision-makers both in and outside the Middle East, are critical to achieving peace.

Accomplishments to Date: A Sampling

Chronic Diseases: To date, four organizations (including Tene Briut, serving Ethiopian Jews throughout Israel, and Palestine Medical Relief Society, serving Palestinians on the West Bank) have received grants on diabetes care that have resulted in the training of community leaders. They in turn work with diabetic patients within a community setting and in cooperation with the local health care system. Two organizations have reported their results in the scientific literature. One organization is using the grant to serve several thousand diabetics.

Women's Health: To date, eight organizations have received grants in women's health. For example, our assistance has contributed to improved overall health for a large number of Palestinian women in Bethlehem, a better understanding of health care challenges facing women in unrecognized Israeli Arab villages, and outreach efforts to improve overall health and specifically increase earlier breast cancer diagnosis for orthodox Jewish women in Jerusalem.

Our Future

Building on our documented accomplishments, HATD has an executive director for American operations and our representative in Israel. Feel free to contact us at: info@healingdivides.org