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About Us

Kids Unlimited of Oregon is Southern Oregon’s premier youth development organization, providing high quality after school programming at six different Rogue Valley schools, as well as basketball programs, Spring Break, Winter Break, and Summer programs. After fifteen years of providing high quality out of school programs, Kids Unlimited has submitted a proposal to the Medford School District 549c to operate a Kindergarten through Eighth Grade Charter School. VIBES Public Charter School will be an extended day (student in school from 7:30 AM until 5:30 PM daily) and extended year (186 school days) program and will feature the Success For All school reform model and Singapore Math as foundational curricular components. For more information on VIBES Public Charter School's program and curriculum please visit Kids Unlimited and VIBES Public Charter School are components of a community effort in Southern Oregon to end the cycle of generational poverty that exists for many families in the valley.